The Things That Happen At Night

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A Man Walks Into A Bar…

A stranger walks into an unfriendly bar and literal hell breaks loose. Be careful who you bully. It could cost you. 

Closing Time

An ex-con working a dead end night shift job at a coffee shop thinks it couldn't get worse. Until he realises he's not alone at closing time. 


A night of trick or treating turns into a nightmare for a loving father and his daughter. What could have done this evil deed? 

The Choosing

They say God works in mysterious ways. But what's in store for these people is anything other than godly. 


A woman jealous of her husband's relationship with their only son causes her to do the unthinkable. But at what cost for all three?


A man's had enough of his nagging wife and decides to kill her. But things don't go as planned and he's only left with one life altering choice. 

The Wards

Creatures lurk in the woods that kill on sight but the townsfolk have a plan of their own. Who are the Wards and why are they at war with humans? 

Sara's Egg

Sara has an egg. The egg reveals secrets. And secrets can be deadly. 

The Death of David Addley

This is NOT a horror story. It's a humorous story that I enjoyed writing and I hope you're at least mildy amused. Consider it a bonus for having read through the bloodshed.

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The Things That Happen At Night

1 rating
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